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Seminars this week:

Strong and Flexible Ceramic Composites with High In-Plane Thermal Conductivity for Hypersonic Application

Tuesday - July 5, 2016 at 2:00 PM, UF-REEF Auditorium
Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Xu, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Florida State University
RW Host: Dr. Amanda Schrand, RWMF

Abstract: Abstract: The U.S. Air Force has been working for the past decade on the development of lower cost, high strength steel alloys with improved impact toughness for a variety of applications. Continued experimental work and computational modeling is ongoing to fully characterize and optimize the chemistry and heat treatment processes for various high strength, low alloy steels. This work is necessary to understand the driving forces behind the precipitation mechanisms responsible for strength and toughness requirements for high velocity applications. The integration of these materials into next generation systems will have a significant impact on affordability. In particular, a further understanding of the carbide precipitation reactions and kinetics will drive future alloying and melt processing studies to improve material performance and sustainability of the current alloys being used along with future alloy variants. Compared to our understanding of the conventional higher carbon content low alloy steels tempered at high tempering temperatures, our understanding of these lower carbon content steels heat treated at low tempering temperatures is in its infancy. This talk will focus on the research effort necessary to develop a new high strength steel alloy and successfully integrate it into a manufacturing supply chain. Various manufacturing processes will be discussed. The talk will also discuss an ongoing effort at Penn State Behrend to promote collaboration between academia and industry, offering students real world manufacturing experience, supporting the growth of manufacturing in the region.

Bio: Dr. Paul C. Lynch is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Penn State University Erie, The Behrend College. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in May 2011. Paul has authored and co-authored technical papers on improving properties and processing for high strength steels, modeling micro-segregation reduction in high strength steels, acoustic refinement of aluminum-silicon alloys and cast iron, and the dimensional capabilities of investment casting. Dr. Lynch also spends time working on engineering education research. He teaches a variety of industrial engineering courses at Penn State Behrend.

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