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Mathematical Modeling and Optimization Institute

University of Florida
University of Central Florida
Air Force Research Laboratory


The Mathematical Modeling and Optimization Institute hosts postdoctoral researchers and graduate students working in diverse areas related to mathematical modeling and optimization in the context of AFRL missions, including:

• Global optimization
• Combinatorial optimization
• Optimization under uncertainty
• Quantitative risk measures
• Graph theory and network optimization
• Computational complexity
• Approximation algorithms and heuristics for hard optimization problems
• Optimization-based techniques in machine learning/data mining.

The overarching goal of the Institute is to support mathematical modeling and optimization needs of the Air Force Science and Technology. The research specifically addresses the AFRL Munitions Directorate’s core technical competencies:

1. Munition System Effects: 

a) Physical Effects Sim
b) Virtual Environment Sim
c) Weapon Target Interaction Physics
d) Applied Munition System Effects
e) Computational Physics 

2. Fuze Technologies:

a) Fuze & Electronics Design
b) Hard Target Fuzing
c) Terminal Burst Point Control
d) Initiation Science

3. Damage Mechanisms: 

a) Material Science
b) Energy Conservation
c) Energy Effects
d) Coupling

4. Energetic Materials:

a) Formulation, Manufacturing & Producibility
b) Characterization/Phenomenology
c) Theoretical Energetics & Design

 5. Munitions Aero GN&C:

a) Navigation
b) Guidance & Avionics
c) Control
d) Munitions Aerodynamics Sciences

 6. Terminal Seeker: 

a) Target Reacquisition & Recognition Theory
b) EO/IR Seekers
c) RF Seekers
d) Multi-Spectral/Multi-Aperture Seekers